Now that Summer is officially here, most folks are thinking vacation, 3 day weekends or going to the beach on the weekend and taking their senior dog with them.

The beach is a nice change for your senior dog and you, and can be a lot of fun if you keep in mind a few simple tips.

– Check and make sure that dogs are allowed on the beach and if they need to be on a leash.

– Make sure your dog is wearing their rabies & I.D. tags.

– Always bring lots of bags for cleaning up after your pooch, including the wet spot where they have peed. Nothing like accidentally stepping on a “wet spot” in the sand. Keeping the beach healthy for everyone is a must.

– If your dog still hasn’t learned to come when you call or gets excited about being around other people (jumping up on people, or loves to give slobbery kisses) keep them on a leash. Consider taking a 6 foot leash and a retractable longer leash so you can give your dog more freedom.

– If your dog gets sunburned easily, ears are one of the places some breeds can get sunburned, bring the appropriate dog approved sun screen and apply it often if your dog gets wet.

– Bring a water dish and water, for your senior dog and offer it often, as well as doggie treats.

– And finally, don’t forget to bring enough shade for you and your senior pooch.

For more Pooch Beach Etiquette check out, Beach etiquette and safety for dogs, from Animal Wellness Magazine.