Linda Patrick

Linda Patrick

My Mom has a photo somewhere of me taking a nap on the first dog in my life, Panda, a beautiful Siberian Husky. She was very patient with me, the story goes, and would let me hold her tail when I tried to stand up and then later would calmly let me hold onto her tail as I learned to walk. Of course Panda was always on the look out for my partially eaten baby cookies while she was helping me stand up or walk.

I have had many dogs in my life, the last two being blue merle Australian Sheepdogs, Bonnie & Ashes a mother and son. A year and a half apart in age they both lived to be about 16 1/2 years old.

I have worked with and have known many dogs through my 60+ years, some were mine, some were friends and neighbor’s dogs and some through my work as an Animal Reiki Practitioner.

What I can say about my journey with dogs is that it is great to meet and be blessed with having unconditional love from all the dogs in my life, past, present and in the future.